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Emblaser 2

ETA Mid November

  • Perfect for the classroom
  • Scan, trace and engrave with a built-in camera
  • Includes Air-assist, Lightburn & 3-year laser head warranty


$3,776.85$5,109.38 excl GST


Large Workspace

Build Volume

You can engrave & cut up to 500x300mm with a maximum material height of 50mm


WiFi & USB

Use the Emblaser 2 either wirelessly or via USB. You choose.

Workspace Camera

Scan & Trace

Using the workspace camera you can engrave your drawn design onto the material directly.


Extraction or Filtration

Either use the inbuilt fume extraction to vent outdoors or get the optional fume filtration unit


One of the incredible features of the Emblaser 2 is true 3D cutting & engraving. You can automatically adjust the height of the laser while cutting and engraving to gain an extra dimension of control. Cut through thicker materials by setting your laser to automatically lower with multiples passes.

Create 3D engravings with depth or automatically adjust the sharpness of your laser to create sharp lines or soft fills.

‘Material Ignition Alert’, or ‘MIA’ constantly monitors for the potential ignition of a material, a situation that may arise in any laser cutter. If detected, MIA places the machine is a safety mode and sounds a warning alarm.

Air-Assist increases cutting performance and creates cleaner cuts by injecting a stream of high pressure air into the cutting region. Traditionally only available in industrial machines, the Emblaser 2 comes ready to accept our air-assist accessory.

Here is difference air-assist can make on various materials. The left cut is without air-assist running.

Most importantly, clear acrylic cannot be cut, however, you can cut opaque acrylic, limited to some colours.
Q. Why can’t the Emblaser 2 cut through clear Acrylic?
A. The Emblaser 2 uses a laser diode and the frequency of light passes directly through clear Acrylic and glass. However, using black paint or coating, both glass and clear acrylic can be engraved, as the black coating absorbs the energy and this is transferred into the material. If you try cutting clear acrylic with paper on both sides, only the paper will be cut.
Q. Can I cut Vinyl or Fake Leather with the Emblaser 2?
A. No, PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)/vinyl/pleather/artificial leather Emits pure chlorine gas when cut and will also rust your machine!
Even with these limitations, the Emblaser 2 is a very powerful machine and as you can see, customers have made some impressive models.
Fabric – Cotton3mmYY 
Fabric – Felt6mmNYAll colours except white.
Leather – Vegetable Tanned4mmYYTreatment & color dependant.
Air-Assist recommended.
Paper/Card – Corrugated Cardboard6mmYY 
Paper/Card – Pasteboard2.6mmYY 
Paper/Card – Plain Paper3mmYYAny colour.
Plastic – Acrylic Black5mmYY 
Plastic – Acrylic Green, Red Yellow3mmYY 
Plastic – Acrylic Translucent (tinted)YN 
Plastic – Acrylic BlueYN 
Plastic – Acrylic Transparent & WhiteNNPossible with coating.
Plastic – Polypropylene3mmYYAir-Assist recommended.
Wood – Poplar Plywood6mmYY 
Wood – Balsa10mmYY 
Wood – MDF3mmYY 
Anodised AluminiumYN 
Corkboard3mmYYAir-Assist required.
Rubber2mmYYAir-Assist recommended.




Emblaser 2
External Dimensions 540mm x 720mm x 200mm
Material Capacity 500mm x 300mm x 50mm
Optics  0.4mm
Focus Factory pre-focused
Laser Unit Type Solid-State Diode
Equivalent to 15-20watt CO2 laser
Classification Class I
The safest laser device rating available.
3D Cutting & Engraving, fully software controlled.
Camera for material alignment.
Wifi & USB Connectivity
Fume Extraction, built-in.
Internal Workspace Lighting
 Fume Filtration System
Air-Assist System
Lightburn License free for life and includes 3 years of free updates.

What's in the Box

• 1 x Fully assembled Emblaser 2 including air-assist & camera

1 x seats LightBurn software (if you are a school you can apply for 50 free Lightburn seats)

• 4 x Cutting Mats

• 1 x Exhaust tube for venting out to a window

• 1 x Power Adapter

• 1 x Power Cord

• 1 x Tool  &  Cleaning Kit

• 1 x USB Cable

Additional Accessory

Fume Filteration unit


   Software & Manual Download

   Brochure Download

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