Emblaser 2 F2000 Fume Extractor

* New & Improved **

F2000 Fume Filtration Unit

The new F2000 Fume Filtration is a major leap ahead of the original F500 system. Containing a new filter design it’s able to handle laser cutting fumes more effectively, eliminating most of the odours and lasting significantly longer.

Use your Emblaser 2 indoors without needing to vent fumes out through a window. The Filter system is very quiet and uses a set of custom designed HEPA  & activated carbon filters.


  • F2000 Fume Extractor
  • Filter set (Pre Filter, HEPA & Activated Carbon)
  • Extra Pre-Filters
  • Country specific power lead
  • Instructions

$1,084.55 excl GST

Weight 12 kg

Darkly Labs

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