NEW!! 8mm extrusion nozzle with 0.2mm extrusion hole for UP BOX/+

Compatible with UP BOX and/or UP BOX+ 3D printers only.

You MUST heat up the nozzle (by performing the Withdraw function) before you take the old nozzle off and before you put the new nozzle on. If you do not heat it up, you will damage the extruder assembly it is attached to!

$30.94 excl GST


New 8mm nozzle with 0.2mm extrusion hole – for high definition 3D printing!!

Please note: The 0.2mm nozzle and 50 micrometer is only compatible with the UP BOX or UP BOX+ 3D printer.

3D printing just got finer! Swap your 0.4mm nozzle with this new 0.2mm and print at 50 micrometer. That’s a layer resolution as small as the diameter of a strand of hair!

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Weight 0.1 kg
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