UP Box FFC Extruder Cable

A cable that connects the extruder transition board and the transition board

$44.47 excl GST

This connects to the transition board sitting behind the print head mount and feeds through to the back of the printer

If there are heating issues with your extruder block, one of the things to check is the FFC cable.
Check your extruder FFC cable for secure connection or merged tracks/damage, please do the following:
  • Remove 4x screws from the back of the printer head cover (reference image below)
  • On the back of the print head, unclip with your fingernail the black clip to release the white FFC cable
  • Shine a torch behind the cable to expose the internal wires
  • If the wires have merged, your cable will look like the cable shown below:
  • If not, please check the cable is securely held by the clip and attempt an extrude.


Weight 0.1 kg
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