The Ultimate 3D Printing Solution for Dentistry

moonray dlp 3d printer uv resin

Dental professionals are consistently seeking the ideal combination of optimal quality and efficiency. That means serving clients with the most up-to-date and effective technology. In the field of 3D printing, that is exactly what MoonRay can deliver to your lab or practice.


MoonRay’s fast DLP technology, generous build envelope, and affordable materials make it an efficient investment.Maximize MoonRay’s potential by printing multiple models at once, making your workflow faster and more economical. We broke down the cost and production time of the most common types of dental parts you can print with MoonRay:

Surgical Guides

3-5 Models / 2 Hours
3d printed surgical guide model from moonray

Serve patients quickly and affordably by printing surgical drill guides in-house. With MoonRay, surgical guides can be printed in two hours at a low cost using our biocompatible surgical guide resin.

Night Guards

3-5 Models / 1.5 Hours
3d printed night guard model from moonray

Creating custom night guards with our biocompatible resin is fast and easy. MoonRay’s high-resolution 3D printing capabilities means you’ll get a precise fit every time.

Accurate Dental Models

3-5 Models / 1.5 Hours
3d printed dental model from moonray

Print accurate dental models for vacuum forming and wax ups. In-house printing of precise models with removable dies makes it simple to test the fit of dental appliances.

Crowns, Copings, and Bridges

30-40 Models / 2 Hours
3d printed dental crown model from moonray

Our Castable Resin allows you to print crowns, copings, and partials for investment casting. MoonRay is also compatible with NextDent Crown & Bridge resin for printing temporaries.

Easy-to-Use System

moonray 3d printer and software

MoonRay was built to be an all-in-one system that meets the needs of the dental industry. Setup is simple, and our RayWare software makes it easy to go from intraoral or 3D scan to printed part. MoonRay requires less maintenance than similar 3D printers, as our durable resin tank lasts for printing with up to 50L of resin before it needs to be changed.

We offer a wide range of materials, including our own Gray Model Resin, Castable Resin, Surgical Guide Resin, Night Guard Resin, and Denture Base Resin. MoonRay is also compatible with the NextDent family of materials, further expanding your dental 3D printing capabilities with MoonRay.

Bring 3D Printing to Your Dental Practice

Choose between two high-performance options to meet your needs. MoonRay D75 is the preferred solution for producing highly detailed crowns, copings, and bridges, and RPDs. MoonRay S100 allows you to quickly print multiple precise dental models, surgical guides, or night guards. Both MoonRay models work with our easy-to-use software, and are compatible with a wide range of dental materials, including NextDent resins

moonray 3d printer and resin
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