3d printed magnetic automated feeder

Story Submission: Automatic Feeder

Viking Machinery NZ

James Hussey runs a company that builds automated manufacturing machines and several years ago he had realised that traditional parts feeding was often prohibitively expensive for many small projects. He set about designing a solution that would be ideal for bringing the cost of automation down for startups and small businesses.
3d printed tray automated feeder
3d printed magnetic automated feeder
James has been using his UP! Box and UP! Plus 2 printers for three years now and to develop and finally manufacture these low-cost feeders.
Almost all the parts are printed – typically only the motor, screws and a few pieces of off the shelf hardware are required in addition to the printed parts.
The larger bowl feeder that he developed uses about 600g of ABS and $20 of hardware to build – a saving of several orders of magnitude over traditional feeders!
3D printted bowl shaped automated feeder

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